Cozy Beds and Spray Tans To Achieve Your Glow

Obtaining that perfect bronze is as easy as lying down and relaxing in our high-quality tanning beds. We offer 5 different level UV tanning beds, a VersaSpa Spray Tan, and Norvell Airbrush Spray Tannng at a price point to meet anyone's tanning needs.

Different Beds for Different People

Whether a beginner or experienced tanner we have a bed to meet anyone's desired tan and budget. We offer 5 level tanning beds based on things such as budget, desired color, amount of time to invest tanning, and the amount of time wanting to invest in maintaining your tan once that color is achieved. Stop in and talk to our Certified Tanning Professional to answer all your questions.

Products That Enhance Your Tan

Sometimes you don't have time to maintain a healthy complexion and need a quick fix on your tone. Get the most out of your visit with the latest tanning products we carry at our salon. We sell brand-name tanning lotions, such as Swedish Beauty™, California Tan™, and others. These lotions are used for bronzing, accelerating tans, and caring for your skin after you tan. Our selection of products hydrates your skin and helps you maintain your tone.

Woman in Tanning Bed

Level 1

Bronze Level 1

Our level 1 beds offer a total of (32), 120 watt lamps with a 1 speed body fan. These beds are a great place to start for your base tan with that perfect bronzed look at an affordable price for everyone.  Max tan time is 20 minutes.

Hot Pepper Turbo Level 2

Silver Level 2

The level 2 beds offer a total of  (40), 160 watt lamps and (3), 400 watt high pressure facial lamps. Other key features include the neck reflector and variable air conditioning which includes a body fan and facial air. 15 minute tan time.

Ergoline Sunrise 480

Gold Level 3

The level 3 booth is our stand-up package that offers (48), 200 watt turbo powered lamps.  This unit also features variable body ventilation, and 3D-Sound System with MP3 player dock-in, SD card slot, head-phone connection socket and volume control.  9 minute tan time.

The Avantgarde 600

Platinum Level 4 + VersaSpa Spray Tans 

Our feature packed level 4 beds offer a whopping (47), 160 watt turbo powered lamps, (7), 25 watt neck and shoulder tanners, and (3) 520 watt High Pressure facial lamps. Complete variable body ventilation in the canvas and bench makes this a perfect bed for those tanning on their lunch breaks or just wanting to stay cool. The wave form bench acrylic is specifically deisgned for comfort. 12 minute tan time is perfect for those who don't have much time to tan.

Soltron Shark

Diamond Level 5 + VersaSpa Spray Tans

Our High Pressure level 5 bed offers (20), 520 watt high-pressure lamps on the canopy and (19), 160 watt lamps on the bench.  This bed also features (13), 25 watt shoulder tanners, a neck reflector, and indpendently controlled body air and facial air. This bed gives you the best mix of VHR tanning and high pressure tanning for that perfect tan.  12 minute tan time.