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Our certified technicians will assist in selecting the perfect shade for your desired results and skin type leaving a beautiful, perfectly bronzed tan. Our pH balancing and moisture seal application are for those seeking the best results from their Airbrush Tanning. This Tan starts with a pH Balancing treatment which helps bring your skin to the proper pH levels to best absorb the solution. Your Tan is then followed by a Moisture Seal locking in the color and sealing it with moisture extending the life of your tan by up to 25% longer. Our final step is to apply a dry powder either with a brush or air blown to help dry your tan before you leave. This dry powder also helps to eliminate bronzer transfer onto clothing, and eliminate or reduce the after tan odor.

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(Standard Price)

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One (1)

ONE (1)

ONE (1)

Add-on Drops

  • Dazzle Shimmering Spray

  • Golden Shimmer Drops

  • Opalscent Shimmer Drops

  • Anti-Aging Drops

  • Skin Firming Drops

  • Amplify pH Balancing Spray

  • And more!


Spray Tan Booth


Our Spray Tan booth offers a customized spray tanning experience for every customer. Get a perfectly even tan in just a few minutes that will last approximately 4-6 days. Each spray tan will start off with a pH balancing pre-treatment. Then it is followed by a high quality solution made from all natural and organic ingredients and infused with tons of botanicals. Finally, your spray tan is completed with a moisturizing spray to help lock in your color.


One (1)


(Standard Price)

three (3) ​


(Save $10)

Five (5)


(Save $30)

Pre-Spray Tanning Instructions

  • If you have been sunburnt within the last 30 days, please do not book a spray tan appointment. The solution may not stick to your skin as your skin heals from the sunburn. 

  • Make sure to start exfoliating 1-2 days prior to your appointment and moisturize at least 1-2 times a day. Focus on any dry areas like hands, elbows, knees, and ankles. It is always best to start moisturizing at least a week before you scheduled appointment.

  • On the day of your appointment do not use any deodorants, perfumes, lotions or anything else that could create a barrier on your skin. Please show up with clean, dry skin.

  • Do not use any dove products, especially their bar soap. It leaves a film on the skin that could react with the solution or not let the solution penetrate your skin.

  • Please show up 10-15 minutes early to the appointment if you are a new customer for a consultation and paperwork.

  • If you do not have enough time to exfoliate, we do have awesome exfoliating mitts that you can purchase the day of your appointment!

  • Please wear loose fitted, dark clothing to your appointment. Do not wear leggings!

  • During your spray tan you may wear whatever you are comfortable with. Many clients choose to have no tan lines while others wear swim wear or old bra's and underwear. Men will need to be covered.  

Post-Spray Tanning Instructions

  • Do not get wet after your spray tan. No swimming, sweating, dishes, or anything else that could splash onto you.​

  • Basic Solution please wait 18-24 hours to shower for best results. Upgraded Solution please wait 8-12 hours to shower for best results. Rapid solutions please wait 2-4 hours to shower for best results.

  • Your first shower please use only lukewarm water and your hands to rinse off the bronzer. Do not use any soaps on your skin and pat dry when you are done. Please moisturize after your first shower. 

  • Wash hands, no soap, about 15-20 minutes after the appointment.

  • If you wear your solution overnight please wear loose long sleeve shirt and pants.

  • First shower should be a warm water rinse only (no soaps, loofahs, or wash cloths). Use your hands only to rinse off.

  • Second shower can be your normal daily routine (still avoid using wash cloths/loofas for a couple days)

  • Rinse off according to solution used on client

  • For best results use our pH balancing body cleanser with either of our lotions (body butter or prolong)

  • We offer up to 24-hour touch ups free of charge!

  • Moisturize at least 1 per day to help extend the life of your tan and help it fade more natural. Check out our after care product to help extend your spray tan.

Cancellation Policy

Your experiece is very valuable to us. Your appointment is reserved and staffed specifically for you. When you fail to reschedule or cancel your appointment, we miss the chance to fill that spot with someone else. We secure your appointment using a credit or debit card. Cancellations or reschedules must be received 12 hours before your scheduled appointment time or a $15 cancellation fee will be charged. No-show appointments will be billed the full amount of your appointment up to $50. If you already have an existing package, one (1) tan will be deducted from your package. If you show up 15 minutes late to your appointment we will consider that to be a no-show appointment. 

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